PyMob™ is a technology which allows developers to create mobile apps in Python! We have developed a tool-flow that converts the Python spec into native source code for each of the following platforms:

  • iOS: Objective C

  • Android: Java

  • HTML5: JavaScript

  • Windows 8: C#

Capture app functionality in high level spec

Python is one of the most easy and intuitive programming language available today and the learning curve is gentle. The ease of Python enables both experts and novice to capture the intent of the app in a clear concise manner leading to rapid app development and deployment.

Native source code generation

In our opinion, one of the main competitive advantage of PyMob tool-flow is that it produces native source code for each platform. The platform specific source code gets further optimized by the native compiler. Further, the generated source code can be modified if one wants to add platform features not available in the Python API. The platform allows mixed mode development where app development can be done in both Python and platform native language simultaneously.

Blazing fast app performance

Unlike various HTML5 multi-platform solutions, our generated source codes take advantage of native APIs (example, openGL APIs). This leads to development of highly interactive apps and games which run blazing fast on all platforms.

Extensive feature rich APIs

PyMob includes a large number of python API's that can be used to build apps that range from games & social networking to powerful media browsers and website extensions. In other words, anything you can think of!!

Developer IP is available in Python as well as native platform specific code

One big advantage of PyMob development platform is that the IP is maintained in Python and is platform agnostic. If new platforms emerge in future, the PyMob compiler will take care of converting the Python spec to native languages of those platforms. At any point in time, the IP is available to the developers in both Python and native code.

Auto object life-cycle management

The compiler automatically produces code for object memory allocation and deallocation as necessary. This leads to optimized memory footprint which leads to faster performance and robust behavior (no crashes!) when running on device.

Automatic resource detection & mapping to native builds

The compiler detects resources (images, sound files etc) automatically and copies them from search paths to appropriate folders to enable native compilation.

15X faster development

We estimate that the PyMob compiler provides at least a 15X increase in productivity. The reasons for this is two-fold. Firstly, it is relatively much easier to write app spec in Python. Secondly, with just one spec, PyMob compiler converts it into native source code for multiple platforms. All of this benefits put together, leads to a huge improvement in app development time.

How do we compare?

PyMob Titanium SDK PhoneGap Corona SDK
Single Code Base
Native Apps
Native Source Code Generation
Target HTML5?
Directly use latest Platform APIs?